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Maximum Energy Consultants



Deregulation has given a great opportunity for your business to gain control over escalating energy costs. At Maximum Energy we know businesses are often boxed into fixed rate plans which does not always offer the best option for your business. We offer and inform our customers of all products and options and incentives that may be available for our customers.


Fixed Price- Plans that allow you to lock in your electricity rate for an extended period of time 

Index Product- Allows you to purchase energy from the Index market-it does fluctuate and allows you to float 

the market. This option does allow you to convert to a fixed price at any time.

Heat Rate- This Product is based off natural gas prices. This product fluctuates as well and may be convert to 

a fixed price at anytime for the term of your agreement.

Block and Index- Block and index products give you the power to blend the benefits of fixed and index rates—

giving you better control over your energy cost. These products offer flexibility to secure fixed prices for specific 

portions of your load while letting the rest follow the index market.

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